Online retail and its benefits

What is online retailing all about?

Online retailing, electronic commerce (e-commerce), e-tailing, online shopping simply refers to buying and selling online. It allows consumers buy goods over the internet with a browser. These days, online stores and online retailing is on high trend and seems to be a cost effective means of retail; no rent fee or problem of location as seller can be accessed from anywhere. How can I pay for my goods and how do I get them since its an internet sale? One may wonder. The answer however is not far-fetched.

Means of payment and goods delivery methods in e-retailing Means of payment

This can be achieved via the following means:

  • billing to mobile phones
  • cash payment on delivery
  • cheques
  • debit cards
  • e-money
  • gift cards
  • postal money order
  • bank transfers
  • bitcoin or cryptocurrency
  • The methods are very safe for both buyer and seller. However, most sellers insist on customers making payments before delivery. 'Payment validates order' they say.

    Delivery methods
  • shipping
  • drop shipping
  • in store pick-up
  • courier services
  • way billing
  • home delivery
  • Apart from home delivery, other methods are third-party distribution. They are however safe to use.

    Benefits of online retail

    Most UK retail businesses operate on internet, buying and selling either singly or alongside their physical stores. The following benefits might make you consider becoming an online retailer or as some may call it, a 'personal shopper'.

    1. Convenience
    2. Most people these days have internet access both at work and in their homes and since the internet runs 24hours in a day, you can always order for goods and services at your own convenient time from the comfort of your home, make your payments and wait for delivery of your products depending on choice. This is very beneficial to both seller and buyer.

    3. Information and reviews
    4. Customer reviews can easily be gotten and documented via emails, SMS or other media means. The seller can also showcase pictures and other information of products and services via multimedia.

    5. Pricing and selection
    6. With so many e-retailers in business these days, the customer has a wide range of options to choose from as getting information on prices of products is very easily available.